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Airports are hives of activity. They thrum with the excitement of people headed for adventure. They buzz with professionals on important business. They bustle with people with purpose. But, they're also places for waiting – for arrivals, departures, delays. And if there is one thing that people keyed up with anticipation, yet bound to wait yearn for it's something to keep them occupied. Something engaging and distracting, like the specialized airport media solutions provided by Flight Media.
The sheer size of airports means that they are jam-packed with advertising opportunities, consisting of anything from outdoor billboards to indoor pillar wraps and brand activation space. Opportunities are endless.
Another great advantage is that you're guaranteed a captive audience. In fact, airports provide one of those magical places where the audience actively seeks out advertising and media messages. People are open to new things, receptive to new ideas and dying to try new products. If ever an audience was ripe for picking, it's within the airport arena.
ACSA handles over 98% of South Africa's commercial air traffic, so its airports are a breeding ground for commercial success. Consider, for example, that in 2008 alone ACSA processed more than 36 million passengers and 291,000 aircraft landings from almost 50 different locations across the world. With reach like that, you simply can't afford not to investigate airport media as a medium to move your brand forward.
Take advantage of all the opportunities that a willing audience provides and contact Flight Media to discuss your airport advertising needs. We provide specialized airport media solutions at Cape Town International Airport, King Shaka International Airport, O.R. Tambo International Airport, Lanseria International Airport and all the ACSA-managed Regional Airports.